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Micro-Loan Project

In fall of 2002, Angels of Hope created a grandmother's co-operative, using the basketmaking skills that have been passed down to them through the generations. The first project was called the Kawempe Women's Basketry Co-operative. This group is made up of four to five grandmothers that work on their specific style of baskets all year long. Someone then brings back a large box filled with baskets large and small, simple and elegant to sell at fairs, church functions and home fundraisers. Once sold, all of the money is then sent back to the women of KWBC to provide them with a sustainable income. Since it's inception, approximately $2,800 in baskets have been sold, with each year bringing more women into this co-operative

In 2004, another group of women from Waikso District introduced their crafts and asked Angels of Hope to help them. They provide necklaces, woven goods, traditional dolls, purses, wooden pieces, and a variety of other items to sell that also generates income to support themselves in their villages. These items are sold at fairs and church functions and make wonderfully unusual gifts while supporting women in Uganda.

In fall of '05, we introduced a new line of cloth patchwork items such as bags, kitchen mitts, place mats and change purses to see how they would do in Massachusetts. This was done with the hope that we could create another new co-operative for some elderly women in another village. The results were quite favorable, therefore, we will increase our inventory to generate enough money to create micro loan money for other Ugandan women's new start-up businesses. Part of the money generated from these projects will be used to provide income for the women, and part of the proceeds will be used to purchase more materials and other necessary items to help keep their business running. Once they have started making sufficient money to accomplish both of these goals, they will put some of their income back into the program to \ldblquote pay back\rdblquote their loan, making money available to help other women to create small businesses for themselves as well.

This "micro loan" project is not a new concept but it is one that works. Last January, we made arrangements to provide seed money to a family in the northeastern part of Uganda, where the rebels had expanded their 19 year civil war in the last several years. This village was badly damaged, leaving families homeless, without food, and no way to help themselves begin again. Having known this gentleman for several years, we "loaned" him the money to begin farming once again. Though farming projects tend to be more risky due to unpredicitible weather conditions, his crops this year will provide a sufficient yield and will create a better opportunity for healthier crops next year. When there is enough to share, he will give a portion of his seedlings to another farmer to help that family re-establish itself. The concept is similar to the Heiffer Project but involves crops rather than animals

I hope that you will support our efforts to grow our small business program, as there are many thousands of people like this in Uganda alone that simply need a way to support themselves and their families.

Please consider giving these items as gifts and add a copy of this story into the package so that your friends and family will know that your money has been spent to help many people in Uganda get a new start.

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